Cultivating Talent and Knowledge

Cozer is a digital start-up that aims to provide an end-to-end service to help cultivationg talents and knowledge.

Talent and expert pools

Competency assessment and development

Provide link and match ecosystem

We offer an Integrated Competency Development System in which we assess and improve talents. We use an internationally recognized Competency Framework to assess them, and improve them through shared knowledge, courses, and mentoring. Talents are also faced with academic institutions and various industries in our Link-and-Match Ecosystem.

Let Cozer be your home to achieve a brighter future

The best way to survive in today’s world is by increasing your competence and network. What better way to do it than by joining our lifelong learning and development system? There are, at least, five reasons why you should sign-up COZER; first, finding your career opportunities; second, developing competency profile; third, obtaining professional certificate; four, building network; and five, finding mentor/expert/resource person.

Our Dream

It all began as a concern on our nations’ human capital. Various research shows that the quality of our nations’ workforce are not in a good shape. The opportunity to learn has become a luxury; as money, time, space, and even our education ecosystem became a huge constraint.

We build Community Engagement

We create a virtual home to connect vocational education, university, professional and corporate alumni communities so they could seamlessly collaborate and strengthen their network. An engaged network is a social capital in developing members' knowledge, business and career.

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We provide Integrated Learning and Development System

COZER provides Learning and Development System that enables you to achieve your required competency profile through online and offline system. The system is tracking you to keep developing yourself wherever you are.

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We support Employability

COZER pursues the dream to reduce unemployment. Therefore, we provide you with jobs/internships recruitment information and services. We help corporations in selecting best talents while empowering the candidates to fullfill the competency gap. We hope our members gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupations/professions.

We organize Experts to Solve Client's Problems

COZER is a marketplace for experts of various industries. We help companies and individual hire great people either as professional consultant, talent referral, career counsellor, customer referral, or source of network intelligence. An expert can be also a credible brand ambassador.

An expert is a member of, at least, one of Cozer's communities. Their decades of experience in an industry could become a quick, low cost, but highly valuable advice to help either companies' or individual's problems.

Our Products